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The WHM Team - Boston, MA. Headquarters

The WHM Team - Boston, MA. Headquarters

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Cristina Cain

Founder of Worship Him Ministries International

Cristina Cain - Speaker|Author|Humanitarian|Entrepreneur is Partner of Cain & Cain Public Relations Boutique. 

Cristina is a Humanitarian who believes charity should be implemented not only in Faith circles, but also within the Marketplace. She's A "Bold Voice” TV/Radio Broadcaster, and Best selling Author. Her Trainings, Workshops, and Keynotes integrates Purpose, Integrity, and Courage in developing subsequent LEADERSHIP! Her thought-provoking Digital Media platforms has dubbed her "Influencer" and she's recognized for her moral fearlessness in boldly addressing the elephant, and challenging the consciousness of souls who know better, do better, yielding lasting RESULTS! Email Cristina: [email protected]

Trina Cain

CEO of "The Cain Foundation"

TRINA CAIN - Humanitarian | Author | Entrepreneur is Managing Partner of Cain & Cain Public Relations Boutique. Trina is also the Founder of "The Cain Foundation"... A Living Legacy, dedicated to serving the needs of widows and orphans Nationally and Internationally. Trina is also an Executive Producer, TV and Radio personality. She currently serves as CFO of Worship Him Ministries International, A family ministry which has been established since October of 2010. Trina's book"The Redemption of Cain" from Cursed to BLESSED is an Auto-Biography that will chronologically capture The Cain Family's Supernatural ministry over a three year period serving in full-time missions. Trina is all about RESULTS and getting it accomplished in the spirit of EXCELLENCE!

Email Trina: [email protected]

Jane Cain

Director of Missions of Worship Him Ministries Intl.

JANE CAIN  - Teacher| International Evangelist| Entrepreneur

She's a TV and radio personality. Born in Honduras, a  Certified Spanish Interpreter, and Director of Missions at Worship Him Ministries International. She is also the CEO of "Simply Jane" and a spiritual mother to countless sons & daughters globally.