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Cristina Cain

Founder of Worship Him Ministries International

CRISTINA CAIN, apostle, teacher, author, international missionary-evangelist, TV and radio personality, and Executive Producer. Her mission is to instruct, develop, and nurture those in Christ regarding how to obtain a deeper, more meaningful, relationship with God the father. Cristina's acclaimed book and training manual, "You Can HEAR God," is teaching ministry leaders and lay-ministers globally how to recognize, nurture, and refine God's prophetic gifts.

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Trina Cain

CEO of "The Cain Foundation"

TRINA CAIN is the CEO of "The Cain Foundation"...A Living Legacy, which is dedicated to serving the needs of "widows and orphans" locally and abroad. Trina is also an author, philanthropist, international evangelist, TV and Radio personality. Trina currently serves as CFO of Worship Him Ministries Intl. A family ministry which has been established since October of 2010. Trina's book"The Redemption of Cain" is an auto-biography that will share the supernatural events of The Cain family over a three year duration serving in full-time missions ministry. 

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Jane Cain

Director of Missions of Worship Him Ministries Intl.

JANE CAIN, teacher, international missionary-evangelist, entrepreneur TV and radio personality. Jane is also a Spanish interpreter, and Director of Missions at Worship Him Ministries International. She is also a spiritual mother to many sons & daughters globally.