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 TUNE IN on November 26th as Deborah Lassiter interviews Cristina Cain on DOVETALES Radio Show.  Sunday, November 26th Time TBD Stay Tuned~


16600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

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Hear Cristina Cain & Trina Cain In Person


How do we stop trading financial rewards for spiritual pats on the back? Or vying for the title of Miss Congeniality instead of CEO? Whether it’s challenging stereotypes, recognizing biases, or learning to navigate unfamiliar waters in male dominated businesses/church future women leaders are banging on the door. Let’s stop banging and discover how to kick it wide open!

This keynote is designed to help women challenge the way they see themselves in leadership roles. And prepare them to connect their purpose with their reality. 

In this engaging and relatable keynote Cristina & Trina shares their own challenges of rising from the ‘Pew ghetto’ to Pulpit. The Cain Sisters are Media Mogul and Profitable Speaker Worldwide.

The sisters highlight how with a few easy tweaks you can change the way you build your future with God-given Blueprints.

Outcomes of this keynote:

  • Rewiring how you evaluate your accomplishments and Own Your Success
  • Understanding the importance of creating "divine" connections
  • Knowing how to create the confidence to ask for what you deserve and position yourself for prime opportunities
  • Getting comfortable with challenging the status quo and taking more risks

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Kingdom Blue-Print Workshop 

"The Cain Sisters" will share on the following TOPICS below...

  • Ministry Startup
  • Online/Digitial Marketing
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • How to Move Beyond REJECTION
  • Networking

Outcomes of this Workshop:

  • Why those in the PEWS stink at marketing themselves
  • How to market your business online on a budget
  • Why most Pew Sitters don't achieve their goals and what they can do about it
  • How emerging leaders benefit from participating in mastermind groups
  • How to survive FEAR as a Believer

Have Cristina Cain & Trina Cain Speak at Your Next Event Submit below:


Have Cristina Cain & Trina Cain Speak at Your Next Event

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