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Your publicist should craft or oversee your Electronic Press

Kit (EPK). Draft press releases to announce news worthy happenings. Pitch you to

media and schedule interviews. Scan the media for new mentions of your brand,

negative or positive.  Oversee your image and have a good relationship with a fashion

stylist. Manage, plan or review your social media activity. Coordinate photo shoots

and video shoots. Assist you on the red carpet, but not actually pose for photos with

you. Make sure your branding is cohesive.

"Baby Steps"

No One Sheet, No product, no idea, let our marketing experts craft your trade, and BRAND your message!

Let's start from SCRATCH together!

"Craft your Crawl"

You have a product, ministry, business, but need a TEAM to help "mature" and "nurture" your baby on Social Media, promote product(s) generate Buzz through Publications, and much MORE.

"Off and Running"

You feel like "Olivia Pope" but lack Gladiators, are you losing speed, clients, and focus. Hand the reins over to US with Social Media, Branding counseling, gain new business through Publications, Podcast & Radio Interviews.

"Now you're Talking"

This package will help identify new clients, new ideas,  and grant EXPOSURE to ensure your story is told via TV, Radio, Podcasts, Magazines, Newspapers & Blogs. Brand consultation & much MORE

Affordable Commercial Spots...

"Prophetic Roundtable"

Our Prophetic Marketing Team will seek God about your individual "blueprints" for maximum SUCCESS!

"Counsel  Chat"

Speak with one of our PR agents to receive counsel, direction, wisdom, branding that will thrust you ahead that of your competitors.

What our clients are saying

Amen thank you so much for your prayers, support, and words of encouragement. Most importantly teaching me more about The Lord and helping me  to find myself and purpose.  I am truly blessed ! Yes I'm very excited I can't wait ! It just feels so natural like God had this planed for me all along, he turned nothing into something and made me a boss/entrepreneur

Helder Martins CEO Jiffy Lube Canada

What our clients are saying

I look forward to speaking with you and am very thankful that Cris Cain has introduced us...I love your forward-thinking ideas with these Magazines for Women and for Men! 

"I am booked on Atlanta Inter-Faith TV" this week - Thanks for sending that other info on your new idea, and TBN contact! Majorly grateful to you for connecting....Sam

Author and Speaker, Dr. Sam Serio

What our clients are saying

As always talking to you is like a breath of fresh air and I truly appreciate you

Sherrell V.  Magazine Publisher

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Cain & Cain PR Clients...

Contact us for discounted rates on Professional Graphic Design...

E: Save@theofficialcains.com

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